Windows 10: Easiest way to transfer info from a Vista pc to a 10pc?

This is most important for geocaching work. The Legends don’t have an electronic compass, but are otherwise similar. Also it’s found by turning the unit on while holding down the click stick. This also gives the diagnostics page. Pressing PAGE multiple times brings up additional diagnostic screens. We don’t like the click stick as well as the four way rocker switches on larger models BUT, on the eTrex units, the click stick seems the right way to go considering the very compact size of the unit. The non-x units have 24 MB of internal map memory -the same as the old Vista. In the “x” models, one must have a microSD card to store maps. The new color display is x pixels and is 1. This compares with x pixels and 1.

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Sometimes I work alone on it, but a significant portion of the time, I’m at my office desk and I hook up an external monitor to increase my workspace. Every time I perform this action, I click the same dialog boxes in Windows Vista to setup the dual screen and position the window. It seems like a repeatable task that I could automate. I’d like to be able to plug in my monitor cable, double click a program and have it automatically configure the monitor. What type of program could do this?

I haven’t found much online that relates.

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December 12, 7: I also have an acer aspire Safe mode also loads to the log in screen wich allows me to type one key then keyboard touchscreen stops working. I cannot load and drivers from a usb jump drive because i cannot even log onto my computer. I took the battery out run straight off of plug for power all with same results. I have no disks. The keyboard and touch pad would not work after the recovery console was started.

I found a different usb keyboard and mouse than the ones i had tried earlier. I am now running the laptop with a factory fresh install. I am running the countless updates from vista. I also noticed a touchpad driver from the acer website. Will try that update then let you all know what is going on. I hope this info helps someone. Its under warranty so we are all good.

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With it you could record and playback UI automation scripts. In fact, there were so many, I probably should have made a business out of updating and supporting the tool. Today, I had a need so grabbed the code with the thought of giving it a quick dusting off so I could use it on Vista x After 20 minutes of some tweaks and adjustments to move the application to 64 bits, the real work started.

The last error value was access denied so I simply thought that I needed to run the recorder process with elevated rights. If only it were that easy, because I still got the access denied when running with high integrity as well. It turns out lots of people were reporting the same issue, but all the reports were from way back in the Vista beta days. While I was all in favor of closing the hole, how in the heck was I going to get my simple recorder application to work?

According to some of the forum reading it looked like people got journal recording working by turning off UAC. Anyway, turning off UAC just for journal recording was the easy way out and made me feel dirty. I dug in for battle and fired up the search engines hard. Because a journal recording hook falls into the accessibility portion of windows, the uiAccess must be set to true.

C# – Screen capture with Vista DWM (Shared Direct3D Surface)

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When we got up to leave and exited the building one of the waiters must have woke up and followed us out the door. I explained my concerns and discuss with the service and filth. We will never go back to Vista Way Cafe, even if it was free/5(89).

September 3, at 4: Windows Explorer keeps shutting down and restarting. It is impossible to do any windows functions because of this problem. This includes shutting off the computer and worse, reinstalling Windows. It seems that the hard drive must be removed, reformatted and then Windows reinstalled. I blame this on Vista Service pack 1.

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Nynaeve Adventures in Windows debugging and reverse engineering. Break on a specific Win32 last error value in Windows Vista Often times, one type of problem that you might want to track down in a debugger aside from a crash is a particular function failing in a certain way. Sometimes you might need to know why that error is returned, or where it originated from in the case of a last error value that is propagated up through several functions.

One way you might approach this is with a conditional breakpoint , but the SetLastError path is typically frequently hit, so this is often be problematic in terms of performance, even in user mode debugging on the local computer. On Windows Vista, there is an undocumented hook inside of NTDLL which is now responsible for the bulk of the logic behind SetLastError that allows you to configure a program to break into the debugger when a particular error code is being set as the last error.

This is new to Vista, and as it is not documented at least not anywhere that I can see , it might not be around indefinitely. For the moment, however, you can set ntdll!

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What is an external hard drive? A hard drive is a computer component that holds data. Every computer needs at least one hard drive to store its operating system, programs and user information.

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Also consider how you will hook up sound/audio since computer speakers may not provide enough volume for certain uses. Your computer has a sound card speaker jack. Hooking up the monitor to a separate stereo can work so you can control volume through a cable/satellite box volume control.

Let me know if you think I am wrong, or if some new products become available. I plan to add a similar cost analysis for a short-period geophone system , and a strong-motion accelerometer system. There are many web sites that can compute this from your street address. I used Eagle Geocode to compute mine. BTW, once you know your location you can watch for satellite phenomena like Iridium Flares. In order to point your seismograph you need to use a compass. By “align” I mean that the swing direction of the pendulum is pointed that way.

Of course you may want to correct for the fact that your compass does not point to “true North” because of magnetic declination. For instance, I am in Northern Virginia where the declination correction is -9 degrees.

Connecting vista client to 2008 server,domain and creating a user account

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