Tips for the T-150?

In my opinion, the ELC AMX is the most consistently incorrectly played tank in all of WoT, because players fail to adjust to its unique characteristics. Note I use silver ammo only. The most effective method of spotting in the ELC AMX is to find a position that provides you with a good field of view and adjacent hard cover. From such a position, you can spot tanks and fire on them, then pull back behind hard cover until you are invisible, at which point you can spot and shoot again. If you are spotted after firing, you should immediately pull back behind hard cover until you are no longer spotted. In most cases, the enemy tanks will remain lit during that period. The better option is to maintain distance, setup a first-shot opportunity, rinse, and repeat.

KV-1 & T-150 matchmaking

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wot Statistics and Analysis of World of Tanks Dossier Cache, Battle Results and Replays • wot tank stats tracker with instant update and WN8 progress.

Public Test of 7. The public test of 7. Below is the changelog for the upcoming major update. In order to take part in test, visit the respective WoT website and follow the instructions there. World of Tanks v. An extremely important feature which is the heart of 7.

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Crew Skills Crew skill is probably the most important criteria because they determine crew quality, and have a direct effect on gameplay. You would be wise to pay special attention to this number. Crew skills are shown in percentage form. As his skill improves, your combat effectiveness improves. For example, if your tank has a maximum visibility range of meters.

The difference in combat effectiveness is huge – so huge that you just need to try it for yourself to believe.

Graphical overview of weak points of T Orange – commander, gunner, loader Red – engine, fuel, transmission Green – vulnerable zones.

Time and again, I see players who might have done better, hamstrung by poor garage management choices and bizarre opinions which prevent them from using tools and techniques that would help them to advance. Therefore, I am starting up a tutorial account, to illustrate each point in turn, so that new or experienced players may manage their out-of-battle decisions better. It is worth noting that all of what follows is my own opinion, built up over 24, battles. Not everyone will agree with all of it, or with my particular philosophies, but I think that the advice is good.

An invite code might have or gold on it, or perhaps something like gold plus a low-tier premium vehicle. They come in all shapes and sizes. Just blaze through it as fast as you possibly can. You want the xp, because that xp is going to prevent you from ever having to drive a completely stock tier-1 vehicle. Back in my day, we had no such option. Your first game HAD to be in a completely-stock Tier-1, you lucky new-newbs. This is less useless, and does contain some worthwhile information if you have never played before.

As of this posting, this feature is still active.

World of Tanks Game Guide & Walkthrough

Edit Choose your side: Build and defend your base: Train unique troops specific to each faction, and fortify your base with deflector shields, turrets, heavy artillery, and other defenses!

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The affection come from it’s exceptional armour that would be good for a heavy tank the next tier up. The Panzer II Luchs with its stubby proportions and blistering mobility is occasionally likened to a puppy. The M24 Chaffee is considered cute for similar reasons. Battle in the Rain: Maps in the Xbox version generally have several reskins taking place at different times of day and in different weather conditions.

Rain is common, ranging from a light drizzle to an apocalyptic thunderstorm.

Update 2.9 – +/- 1 Matchmaking Implementation

You form a platoon by inviting your friends into a platoon that you form, or by accepting their invitation. A platoon consistes of two or three players. This post is going to concentrate on a few basic principles regarding what tanks you should use. As a general rule, you should always use tanks from the same tier. You can choose to let one player use a tank one tier higher or lower, but it is not recommended.

It is perfectly okay if one member of the team is playing a medium, and the other a heavy tank, or a tank destroyer.

A cím nem egészen igaz, inkább csak gyűjtőhelye sok-sok WoT-os videómnak amiket nem tudtam kisebb listákban besorolni, illetve osztozik videókon más listákkal, mint gyűjteménye mindennek aminek nincs fix tematikája az túl, hogy “WoT”.

Loader Increased reload time In addition to destroying the tank by inflicting it sufficient damage points or by explosion of ammo rack, there is a third possibility: Once the tank loses its all tankers, it becomes inoperable even it has still hit points. Such vehicle is considered destroyed. We know how to fire and how to inflict damage, but we still do not know what the factors on view range are and how to spot an enemy.

In this chapter I’ll try to explain this briefly. First term describes a distance, from which we are able to see a tank model in the game.

Weak points of T-150

Thus, when a player has been repeatedly put into too many difficult battles, the balancing is done in favor of easier battle sessions, thereby encouraging the player by providing an easier game environment. Similarly, when the player has been repeatedly put into too many easy battles, the balancing is done in favor of harder battle sessions, thereby keeping the player challenged instead of letting the player become bored with easy games. Another possible algorithm is to increase the battle level by one within the permissible range for a vehicle each time a player wins a battle with that vehicle, and decrease the battle level by one within the permissible range each time a player loses a battle with that vehicle.

The T was a further development of the KV The vehicle weighed as much as 50 tons. The T underwent trials in the first half of A prototype fought in the battles for Leningrad, and became a basis for a modification of the KV-1 with reinforced armor. Matchmaking. Up to tier. Configuration. Apply different configurations from.

Everyone else is hit in the present. Reliable hits Part 7. In other words, what follows is a description of how and why I did things, nothing more. For ease of testing and debugging, I implemented this project atop a simulated networked environment. Socket, meaning that it should very much be possible to run the same code on computers that are actually, and not only virtually, connected over the internet.

If you compile the programs yourself, make sure to compile different copies of client binaries, with differing simulated IP addresses, user names, and keyboard controls.

T-150 / Swamp / “A deal with the devil”

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